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First survival FPS game on Polygon network, with P2E system, NFT market and metaverse.

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192.500 BUSD

195.230.90 BUSD

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Public sale is now live!


3,349,535 / 3,850,000 RIOX


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Participants 1738

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Token DistributionDate UTC
Min. Allocation0.5 BNB
Max. AllocationTBA
Token PriceTBA
Access TypePrivate

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Total Supply3,850,000

About the Project

First survival FPS game on Polygon network, with P2E system, NFT market and metaverse.



Raised in Oblivion (or just Rio) is AN online survival action game set IN Rio de Janeiro city. RIO’s universe is staged in a post-apocalyptic Brazil, more specifically in Vidigal region, where the spread of an infectious disease is causing the infected people to uncounsciously behave agressively to the point of attacking others. In order to supress the contagion, the local government built retaining walls and now, who is inside can’t get out and who is out can’t get in. It will be necessary to survive the chaos until the cure is discovered. In the game you face other survivors who spend day and night looking for hideouts, weapons, food, medicine and money. The idea is to promote the connection between people through game interaction.




Blockchain is a recording information technology that plays an important role in the project implementation. The financial architecture built into the blockchain allows the necessary level of interaction between tokens, economic processes and an exchange of value. It also plays an important role in NFT exchange and storage.


With the blockchain technology, the players can be true owners of game assets. In-game processes and user wallet are examples of features that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the blockchain-based architecture, the management system, asset storage and an in-game database synchronization.


In the process of implementing the described concept and the project as a whole, the latest technologies and experiences from the gaming industry were used. It is the symbiosis of the latest industry developments that has made it possible to create an easily accessible product available to all users.

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